Effects > Design > Honeycomb
The Honeycomb filter allows you to create a honeycomb pattern.
1. Do one of the following:
 Choose Effects > Design > Honeycomb
 Click the Honeycomb button on the toolbar
2. Use the following options:
Use this option to change the square count.

Min = 1, Max = 100, Default = 6.
 Border width (%)
This option allows you to set the border width for a pentagon.

Min = 1, Max = 100, Default = 25.
 Seamless Tile
Use this option to create a seamless tile. Seamless tiles are texture images that would tile (repeat over and over again) seamlessly. They can be used for fills, desktop wallpaper, web page backgrounds, surface textures, and more.
Use this option to make the background color transparent.
Use this option to adjust color1.
Use this option to adjust color2.
Use this option to adjust color3.
This option allows you to adjust color4.
Use this option to adjust color5.
Use this option to choose the honeycomb style.
Min = 0, Max = 7, Default = 0.
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