Pop Art > Banksy
The Banksy effect allows you to create street art and graffiti in the style of Banksy. The text is, when the image is exported as layers, a separate layer which can be modified and removed.
1. Do one of the following:
 Choose Pop Art > Banksy
 Click the Banksy button on the toolbar
2. Use the following options:
Threshold = 64Threshold = 128Threshold = 192
Use this option to change the threshold value. Pixels whose grayscale value is less than or equal to a certain threshold are set to the foreground color (or primary color). Pixels whose grayscale value is bigger than a certain threshold are set to background color (or secondary color).

Min = 0, Max = 255, Default = 128.
 Size (px)
Length = 8Length = 4
This option allows you to change the length of a line segment. The length of a line segment is the distance between two points of a polygon. The larger the distance the lower the complexity of the polygon. If the distance is too large, the image will become disordered.

Min = 1, Max = 50, Default = 5.
 Vectorize Image
Vector imageRaster image
This option allows you to vectorize the image. Vectorization is the conversion of raster graphics (pixels) into vector graphics such as points, lines, curves, and polygons. The original raster image is converted into vectorized polygons.
Use this option to draw a smooth line through the corner points of a polygon. When this option is unselected, the corner points of the polygon are connected by straight lines.
This option allows you to enhance the impression of depth.
Use this option to show or hide the text.
Use this option to place the text at the bottom of the image.
 Foreground Color
Use this option to change the foreground color.
 Text Color
This option allows you to select a color.
Use this option to choose the type of wall.
Min = 0, Max = 14, Default = 0.
OK + Export as Layers
Use this option to apply the effect and create multiple layers, each of which can be manipulated without affecting any other part of the image.
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